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p4f 031

Boot Camp 3

DVD 33 min movie, plus Bonus material, Previews and many additional photos

Original sound and dialog ( D. )

DVD Special Features:

User choice of Menu language - English or German

User choice of subtitles -
English, or German (or none)


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The major in charge of a rehabilitation boot camp sits in pre-trial detention and receives a visit from his lawyer.
He has been charged with bodily harm, intentional torture, and rape. He describes to the lawyer his version of these three serious allegations.
The first case involves a young inmate at the camp who claims she was threatened with a knife and then whipped everywhere on her body while hanging naked by her wrists.
The next instance concerns a girl who was given lashes on her bare behind for being late to a muster and then put across the major´s knee for a spanking right afterwards.
The most serious offense is the third incident.
As punishment for having broken a camp rule, one of the female inmates was given a caning, after which she claims to have been sexually assaulted by one of the male trainees.
And the order to perpetrate this alleged rape supposedly came from the major himself.