DVD neutrally prints (p4f 027)
Cover inlays removable
p4f 027

Judicial Caning 3

DVD 50 min movie, plus Bonus material, Previews and many additional photos

Original sound and dialog (CZ )

DVD Special Features:

User choice of Menu language - English or German

User choice of subtitles -
English, or none


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Copyright (c) 2008 by DisenoMedia HPS

After having been caught shoplifting, 2 girls must now pay the penalty for their offence.

They face 6 months in prison, but as an alternative they can voluntarily undergo corporal punishment in the form of 40 strokes administered with the cane.

Both girls decide to accept the uncomfortable alternative, but will they regret their choice?
Disciplinary punishment administered pursuant to official sanction can be brutally painful.
Despite being conducted under medical supervision, the heavy wetted cane nonetheless bites all too cruelly into the soft tender flesh of bare young bottoms.
They will both be beaten without mercy until their posteriors are striped with swollen welts and fresh tears of pain and remorse start to flow.
For these two girls, their shoplifting days will be behind them.