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Strict Prison 3


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It´s another workday in the Strict Prison. An inmate who is to be punished for trying to escape is taken down to a holding cell. While she awaits her ordeal, she fantasizes about how the detested prison guard Susanna might be disciplined if she were in the prisoner´s place.
In this dream, Susanna would be taken from the cell, stripped completely nude, strapped down over the caning horse, and given a sound thrashing on her bare ass.
After that, her hands would be tied and she´d be hung from the ceiling to take a good lashing on her naked back.
Awakened from her dream, the prisoner is dragged from the cell and brought up for punishment. Secured over the caning horse, she is given dozens of strokes with freshly cut willow switches that create a sunburst of welt lines on her flinching buttocks.
The final task of the duty day is to process in a new prisoner. After a humiliating cavity search, she soon learns one more of the many drawbacks of life in this women´s prison:
A warm welcome in the form of a lusty beating with the infamous quattrocane.