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Boot Camp 2


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The Boot Camp is a State-run institution for young women who are first-time offenders. Here they are given a chance to spend just several months of intense rehabilitative training rather than serve several years in prison.
The drawbacks of this institution are the strict discipline and the harsh punishments.
Misbehavior is met with beatings in the form of whippings or vigorous stokes of the cane on the naked buttocks.
When one of the inmates is found in possession of a forbidden tool, she is given a lashing on the bare back.
However, subsequent review of a security camera tape reveals that she was set up by two other prisoners.
These two inmates are then severely punished.
They pay for their sneaky act of victimization with a well deserved caning--sometimes exceptionally severe--that leaves their behinds totally strewn with welts.
On top of that, their victim is allowed to whip them both as they hang naked, face to face, and totally exposed to her blows.