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Fugitive Patrol


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Police Stories -- The series that lays bare the darker side of Authority.

A young woman decides not to return to detention after being granted an unsupervised weekend pass. As a result, she is declared a fugitive.
She hides out at the apartment of two of her friends, both foreigners, and they all celebrate this apparently new-found freedom.

Inspector Schwenk and his female partner are assigned to check out all of the fugitive´s known associates and to search their premises.
The two quickly locate the escapee and have her taken back to prison. There, she is punished for her escape attempt with both a sound whipping and painful strokes from the dreaded quatro-cane.
Meanwhile, her two friends fall victim to the ill-natured Inspector Schwenk.
These two soon learn that harboring a fugitive has earned them a severe beating with the cane--not in prison, but right there on the spot. At least, that´s how the law works when Schwenk is on the case.

Note: The Diseno Media Team distances itself entirely from every form of prejudice against foreigners. This attribute, as depicted in our "Police Stories" series, is confined solely to the characters' roles.