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Petra and Claudia after illegal downloading music from internet, Petra and Claudia face stern punishment from the Director of their school -- not only dver the knee, but strapped naked to the caning frame.
In the old days, it was simpler: the girls were chastised with the cane and the matter was over. Nowadays, however, such penalties are prohibited.
Corporal punishment is forbidden, but it´s like sex, if both want it, it is not a rape.

The girls have a choice: face the police or face punishment.

First, they are put over the knees and then, there butts will be warmed up with the leather whip.
Then, the cane is put into action.
Both girls are soundly thrashed, but one is so apprehensive she wets herself.
Each of the schoolgirls must accept several dozen blows of the cane. And this doesn't happen without screams and pain.